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Carrie Sunday on stage after crowning

The three MWKS contestants on stage after the crowning.

Contestants and escorts during the crowning

Carrie and MWKS committee pose for a photo

Ms. Wheelchair Kansas 2015 Selected at 11th Annual Crowning Ceremony

The 2015 Ms. Wheelchair Kansas was recently crowned during a weekend ceremony held March 15, 2015, at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Topeka. Carrie Sunday received her crown after participating in four judging sessions, as well as many other activities, throughout the three-day event held March 13-15. The weekend concluded with a formal crowning, where Carrie was chosen as the new titleholder and fellow contestants Keara Hockman of Wichita and Jessica Soderlund of Oakley were recognized for their accomplishments.

The crowning ceremony, held on Sunday, was attended by more than 150 family, friends, and community members. The event consisted of platform speeches by each of the three contestants, as well as two on-stage questions. The audience enjoyed a slide show of memories from the weekend; a keynote speech from Tiffany Nickel, Ms. Wheelchair Kansas 2010; a tribute to longtime committee member Rebecca Branam; and a farewell from the 2014 MWKS titleholder, Bridgid Schwilling of Leavenworth.

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Delaney Murphy

Delaney excited on stage

First Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas Announced at Crowning!

The first Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas was announced at this year's crowning ceremony. Delaney Murphy of Ottawa will serve as Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas 2015 and will work alongside the new titleholder, Carrie, in the coming year to empower Kansans with this new title. Delaney is an enthusiastic 10 year old from Ottawa who was born with Spina Bifida. She will work to show the capabilities of people with disabilities and will empower people of all ages, especially young people in our state.

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