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Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas

~ Latest News ~

We're Back!!
Searching for Ms. Wheelchair Kansas
and Little Miss Wheelchair Contestants

MWKS and Little Miss contestants and titleholders hold up signs that they have painted that say advocate, inspire, empower, sisterhood, and role models.

Ms. Wheelchair Kansas Searching for Accomplished,
Articulate Women to Serve as Contestants

Apply to be a contestant!

We are currently searching for women to participate in our 2022 event to be held March 18-20 in Lawrence. Contestants can be nominated by a person or group or can choose to participate in the program.

Are you a woman of achievement who is wheelchair mobile? Would you like to share your voice with the state of Kansas? Then participate in our upcoming event and compete for the title of Ms. Wheelchair Kansas 2022!

The selected titleholder will have the opportunity to travel throughout the state of Kansas educating various groups about the issues of importance to people with disabilities. She will serve as a role model, mentor our Little Miss titleholder, share her chosen platform, and interact with the media.

Our application deadline is postmarked by JANUARY 7, 2022!

Your FIRST step... read an encouraging letter from our current titleholder!

Print an application

View and print our '22 flyer

Learn more about this program or about getting involved

Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas logo

Nominate a Dynamic, Positive Young Lady to be Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas 2022!

Do you know a young lady between the ages of 5 and 12 who happens to be wheelchair mobile and is also full of life? Would she enjoy a year of educating her peers and being mentored by Ms. Wheelchair Kansas? Nominate her to be Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas 2022!

Each year, one girl is chosen from a pool of contestants to serve as our Little Miss titleholder. Whoever is chosen works alongside our Ms. Wheelchair Kansas titleholder to empower and educate people of all ages. She attends various events, shares her story, serves as an example for other youth with disabilities, and empowers Kansans through her positive attitude.

Contestants can be nominated by a family member, teacher, or other community member. The nomination deadline is postmarked by JANUARY 7, 2022!

View the Little Miss brochure

Print the nomination form

Learn more about the Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas program

Three Little Miss girls smile and take a picture together wearing their Little Miss t-shirts.A Little Miss titleholder who was just crowned smiles to the crowd while on stage.A Little Miss titleholder interacts with two other young ladies who are wheelchair users during an outdoor event.

Do you believe in the Ms. Wheelchair Kansas mission?
Then partner with us by serving as a sponsor or in kind donor!

The 17th Annual Ms. Wheelchair Kansas event is quickly approaching, and we are currently raising funds to hold our 2022 event. We are searching for organizations, companies, or groups who would like to partner with us to celebrate women of achievement in our state. Are you willing to support us in reaching this goal? We would like to see your organization/company as a sponsor for the Ms. Wheelchair Kansas program in 2022!

In serving as a sponsor, you will be supporting an important program in our state that focuses on recognizing strong, spirited women who are wheelchair mobile. If your group would like to partner with us in achieving our mission, we have multiple sponsorship levels and benefits to choose from. Just view the sponsorship form below to get started!

We are also looking for sponsors for our Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas program!

We always appreciate in kind donations as well. If you would like to contribute in any way, please Contact Us.

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Small photo of first slide of Isabel Einwich powerpoint

Get to Know Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas '20-'21, Isabel Einwich!

Learn all about Isabel in this new powerpoint that SHE created all about herself! From how her disability affects her to her favorite hobbies, this creative powerpoint gives you an up close and personal look at this awesome young lady. Click below for the version that works for you:


Text Only

First page of colllege handout

Ms. Wheelchair Kansas '20-'21 Creates Tip Sheet for College Students with Disabilities!

"Going to college can be very daunting, but, add to that having a disability, it can seem impossible. Let me assure you, it’s not! I want to share a few of the things that have helped me balance my academic and personal needs with you. I hope you find them useful!"

Read the handout

Isabel and Hilary on stage after the crowning wearing their crowns and sashes

Hilary and Isabel to extend their reign to two years

Both of our current titleholders were just crowned about a month ago, but they will be sticking around even longer than what we expected! Our new Ms. Wheelchair Kansas, Hilary Garrett, and Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas, Isabel Einwich, will both serve as our titleholders for an extra year due to the current COVID-19 pandemic occurring in our country. This will allow for both titleholders to have a full, productive reign, and it will allow Hilary to attend nationals in 2021 as this year’s nationals has been cancelled. The Ms. Wheelchair America organization has announced that this year’s National Competition, which was originally scheduled for August 17-23, 2020, has been canceled due to COVID-19. This was to ensure the health and safety of all titleholders, coordinators, and others involved with the organization. With this, if states choose to do so, 2020 titleholders have the opportunity to extend their reign into next year and participate in the National Competition, which will be held August 9-15, 2021 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We, in Kansas, have opted to do so in order for Hilary to experience the amazing opportunity of going to the National Competition. Hilary will now have the title of Ms. Wheelchair Kansas ’20-’21 and Isabel will now have the title of Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas ’20-’21. Both titleholders are excited to have two years to spread their message, meet people of all ages, empower Kansans, and work together as a team! We are so excited to see what they accomplish in the next two years!

Also, during this time of stay-at-home orders, Hilary is available to do digital presentations, interviews, or panels. She is very excited to start empowering and educating Kansans! If you would like her to speak, contact Carrie Greenwood, State Coordinator, at
or 785-633-7255.

Portrait of Hilary wearing crown and sash

Hilary getting the crown placed on her head

Hilary speaking to the audience after being crowned

Hilary and Heather taking a picture on stage

Ms. Wheelchair Kansas '20-'21 Selected at 16th Annual Crowning Ceremony

The '20-'21 Ms. Wheelchair Kansas was recently crowned during a weekend ceremony held March 15, 2020, at the DoubleTree Hotel in Lawrence. Hilary Garrett received her crown after participating in four judging sessions, as well as many other activities, throughout the three-day event held March 13-15. The weekend concluded with a formal crowning, where Hilary was chosen as the new titleholder and fellow contestant Heather Center, of Lawrence, was chosen as the runner-up.

The crowning ceremony was attended by more than 50 family, friends, and community members. The event consisted of platform speeches by the two contestants, as well as two on-stage questions. The audience enjoyed a slide show of memories from the weekend; a keynote speech by Ms. Wheelchair America 2020, Hilary Muehlberger; and a farewell from the 2019 MWKS titleholder, Andrea Romero of Wichita, and Little Miss titleholder, OE Barth of Topeka.

Read the full press release

Learn more about our new titleholder

View pictures of this year's event

Portrait of Isabel in her crown and sash

Isabel smiling big at the audience after being crowned

Isabel and Hilary on stage taking a photo

Hilary and Isabel with Hilary, Ms. Wheelchair America

Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas '20-'21 Announced at Crowning!

The 6th Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas was announced at this year's crowning ceremony. Isabel Einwich, of Bel Aire, was selected as the new Little Miss! Isabel spreads joy wherever she goes! She always has a positive, happy-go-lucky attitude and is friendly with everyone that she meets. Isabel is 11 years old and is a 6th grader at Robinson Middle School in Wichita. Isabel loves school and is very active in her community. She enjoys playing sports and is very active with Wichita Adaptive Sports

Learn more about Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas

Ms. Wheelchair Kansas Through Fundraisers

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