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2020 MWKS Contestant Application

*To become a contestant, you must fill out the above application. Please carefully read the instructions below before submitting your application. Also, don't forget to view our brochure and fact sheet.


Application due date: postmarked by JANUARY 7, 2020


2020 MWKS Contestant Nomination Form
(for organizations, groups, and people interested in providing a pre-nomination for a woman of achievement-- due by DECEMBER 6, 2019)


1. Make sure that you (or the woman that you are nominating) meet the following requirements:

- be a woman
- be a US citizen who is 21 years of age or older
- utilize a wheelchair for 100% of your daily community mobility
- be a resident of Kansas for at least the past 6 months
- marital status is not a consideration
- have not held a title in another state
- be willing to raise money and obtain sponsors for the state and national entry fees
- be willing and able to travel throughout the state - this includes having access to reliable and easily obtained transportation
- be ready and willing to successfully advocate, educate, and empower all persons with disabilities through various opportunities over the course of the year


2. Please read our Contestant Policies very carefully.


3. Please read through the Titleholder Duties very carefully and make sure that you understand the responsibility that goes along with winning this title.


4. Make sure that you include the following in your application packet:


5. Please send completed applications to:

Ms. Wheelchair Kansas
Attn: Carrie Greenwood
4001 SE 34th Terr.
Topeka, KS 66605


If you interested in becoming a judge, steering committee member, volunteer, or getting involved in any other way, please contact Carrie Greenwood, State Coordinator, at 785-633-7255 or


To nominate a contestant for Little Miss Wheelchair Kansas, click here.


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