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Ms. Wheelchair Kansas '20-'21

Portrait of Hilary in her crown and sash

Hilary smiling outside of K-State building

Hilary Garrett
Westmoreland, KS

Hilary Garrett, 28, uses her voice to educate and wants to encourage others to do the same! Hilary, who has Cerebral Palsy, knows that she has a unique perspective on life, and she works to inform the community about people with disabilities and about Cerebral Palsy. Hilary currently lives in Westmoreland and attends Kansas State University. She is working towards her Bachelor of Arts in Social Science. Hilary also holds an Associate’s Degree in General Studies from Cloud County Community College, which she obtained in 2017. She worked as a Community Assistant for Kansas State University from May 2018 to the spring of 2019. She has also served on the Multi-Cultural Action Committee and spoke at the 2019 Diversity Summit. Hilary is a visionary thinker who acknowledges, but doesn’t accept barriers. She consistently has worked to accomplish her goals and continues to do so. Hilary currently has many goals, including completing her Bachelor’s Degree, getting a good job in the public relations or social science field, and starting her own foundation. She already uses her public relations skills by hosting a blog online. Hilary posts videos on her blog about her life and also uses this medium to advocate and show others that they can advocate too. Hilary describes herself as sedulous, passionate, thoughtful, determined, and inspirational. She believes that, no matter what, all people with disabilities should have the right to be comfortable in their own skin and have their voices heard!

"Find Your Voice: The Power of Advocating for Yourself and Others"

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Check out Hilary's Wheels of Hope YouTube Channel!

Thanks to Three Rivers, Inc. for sponsoring Hilary!

Hilary's Resources

"Getting College Ready! 5 Tips for Students with Disabilities Wanting to Attend College"
Check out this tip sheet created by Hilary that includes helpful hints on how students with disabilities can be successful in college based on her personal experiences.


Hilary's Upcoming Appearances:

April: TBD

Please note: During the current COVID-19 pandemic and stay at home orders, Hilary is not conducting appearances in public, but she is definitely available to do digital presentations, interviews, or panels. She can Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook Live, or utilize any other platform with your group or organization. She is very excited to empower and educate Kansans, as well as spread her platform!

To arrange a speaking engagement or public appearance by Ms. Wheelchair Kansas '20-'21, please contact Carrie Greenwood, State Coordinator, at 785-633-7255 or


Hilary in the Media

"Hilary Garrett crowned Miss Wheelchair Kansas"
KSNT Channel 27, March 15, 2020

"K-State Students Wins Ms. Wheelchair Kansas 2020"
Manhattan Mercury, March 23, 2020

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