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Ms. Wheelchair Kansas 2018

Portrait of Allison with crown and sash

Allison smiling for the camera

Allison Merriam
Kansas City, KS

Allison Merriam, 28, does not see limits! As a woman with quadriplegia, she has not let her disability hold her back from living a full life and achieving her goals. Allison experienced her spinal cord injury over five years ago, but, since then, she has achieved two college degrees, serves on multiple committees within her job, serves as an advocate in the community, and recently became a wife! Allison obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Finance from Kansas State University in 2014. She also obtained a Certificate in International Business. In 2015, she went on to achieve a Master of Accountancy degree from Kansas State University. While in college, Allison was awarded an Extraordinary Student Award. She currently lives in Kansas City, KS and works as the Lead Tax Senior Associate for RSM US LLP. Allison has a passion for breaking stereotypes and challenging perceptions against people with disabilities. She expresses this passion in her current job. Allison works to promote awareness about the disability community by serving on the Central Region Steering Committee for the Ability Employee Network Group. She is the lead for the Kansas City Ability Employee Network Group and is the co-lead of the Mobility Committee. Allison has a goal to continue to be successful in her career, but also balance this with family life and friend time. She credits her family and husband as being her constant support and source of strength. Allison describes herself as pragmatic, determined, stubborn, committed, and conscientious. One thing is for sure… she is determined to succeed and show other people with disabilities that they too can be independent and accomplish anything!

"Transformation of the Perception of Disability"

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Allison's Upcoming Appearances:

March 17: Lawrence St. Patrick's Day parade

To arrange a speaking engagement or public appearance by Ms. Wheelchair Kansas 2018, please contact Carrie Greenwood, State Coordinator, at 785-267-5982 or


Allison in the Media

"Ms. Wheelchair Kansas 2018 crowned in Lawrence"
KSNT Channel 27, March 11, 2018

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