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Ms. Wheelchair America 2005

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Carrie Greenwood, Ms. Wheelchair Kansas 2004,
Competes for National Title in Richmond, Virginia

Portrait of Carrie taken at national competition

Carrie Greenwood, Ms. Wheelchair Kansas 2004, traveled to Richmond, VA on July 27 - August 1, 2004 to compete in the national Ms. Wheelchair America competition. Carrie served as an independent delegate because Kansas has not previously held a Ms. Wheelchair Kansas event. She participated in five days of various events and experiences. The week included a fun day with a trip to Belle Isle, two interview days, themed dinners at night, a platform speech competition, and much more. The event concluded on Saturday night with a crowning ceremony where Juliette Rizzo, of Maryland, was crowned the new Ms. Wheelchair America.

Carrie enjoyed the week and was thrilled to be able to share her platform of "Empowerment of Youth with Disabilities."

"The whole experience was amazing! I had so much fun meeting the other girls and sharing the week with 25 other wonderful women. One of my favorite parts was the night that all of the platform speeches were given. Not only did I get to share my passion with the world, but I also was able to hear so many other great platforms that have an affect on our community. I truly grew from this experience and was able to see that I am a successful, articulate woman. The whole event just made me feel very proud to be a woman who uses a wheelchair. It was an experience that I will never forget!"


~ Photos from Ms. Wheelchair America 2005 ~

Carrie posing for camera

Carrie, posing for the camera,
before the parade.

Carrie at Comedy Night

Carrie at Comedy Night.

Carrie with Kansas sign

Carrie, posing for a photo, while holding her Kansas sign, during the parade through downtown Richmond.

Carrie with flowers

Carrie posing with a bouquet of flowers given to her by her co-workers at the Resource Center for Independent Living.

Carrie with fellow contestants during rock and roll night

Heather Kirby, SC; Carrie; Angela Wrigglesworth, TX; and Jenny Siegle, CO; pose for a picture during Rock and Roll night.

Carrie posing with Michele, PA

Michele Leahy, PA and Carrie take time out to pose for a photo.

Carrie at rock and roll night

Carrie at Rock and Roll Night.

Carrie posing for camera

Carrie taking a quick snapshot.

Carrie with contestants at dinner

Carrie; Mona Toner, SD; and Elizabeth Alley, TN; pose with two volunteers during the platform speech dinner.

Carrie with certificate

Carrie holding her official Ms. Wheelchair America participant certificate.

Carrie with other contestants at crowning

Carrie, after the crowning ceremony, with Ami Dark, IA, and Kelly Craig, IL.

Carrie with Jenny

Carrie and Jenny Siegle, CO, take a picture after the crowning ceremony.

Carrie with Cinda Hughes, MWA 04

Carrie poses with Cinda Hughes, Ms. Wheelchair America 2004.

Carrie with Juliette

Carrie, with the newly crowned Ms. Wheelchair America,
Juliette Rizzo of Maryland.

Carrie with her display board

Carrie poses in front of her display board
about her state, interests, and job.



Thank you to the following people who provided financial support for Carrie to attend the national competition!

Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns
Marti and Richard Mulryan
Banner Mobility
Shawnee Heights Optimist Club
Peterson Architectural Group, Inc.
PRN Fashions
Voni Glaves
Barbara and Dennis Cole
Kevin and Karen Mead
Roberta and Mike LaFontaine
Steve and Margaret Krivyansky
Steve and Mary Beth Saylor
Duane and Rosemary Henson
Vic and Edwina Hamersky
Bob and Linda Bradley
Joyce Hartman
Knights of Columbus (The Members and Families of St. Matthews)
Gary and Mary Lou McPhail
Roberta Hernandez and Brandy Gonzalez
Leo and Marlena Weishaar
St. Francis Health Center
Thomas Schwartz
Children's Alliance of Kansas, Inc.
Eric and Debbie Otting
Jeanne Kessler
Tom and Mary Jane Cook
Melissa Ness
Tam Vincent
Jeanette Waters

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